Auction FAQ

For Bidders

* How does bidding work?

Firstly, all new users must register. After registration, please log in using the link provided in your email and fill in your full details.

* The bidding process

Southern Cross Reptiles has an auction for a carpet snake on the auction site. Jack and Jill decide to bid on it.

1. The initial bid, depending on the snake, may start at $150. Jack bids a maximum of $175. The current bid is now set at $150.
2. Jill comes along and bids a maximum of $160. But since Jack bid a maximum of $175, he is protected to win until Jill decides to bid over that.
3. However this also means that Jack’s maximum bid has been raised above $150. Therefore, his current bid will rise to $162 to meet and beat Jill’s maximum bid.
4. Jill decides to bid a bit more, she bids $190. Now she is the winning bidder. But her bid will only beat the previous maximum bid set by Jack, which was $175. So her current bid is $177, until someone decides to outbid her.
5. Jack gets an email saying that he is being outbid. He may decide to bid more or not. If he does not bid again, then Jill only pays $177 for the carpet snake, unless someone outbids her.

In the end, Southern Cross Reptiles will sell the auctioned reptile to the current highest bid and not the maximum bid set by Jill. Remember all bids are binding.

* How can I find out if I’m winning an auction?

If you are on Southern Cross Reptiles auction site (http://www.southernxreptiles/auctions/) simply refresh the page or click the refresh bid icon in the popup window. If you are winning your name and current bid will be displayed on top.

* Are the auction finishing times given in my time zone?

Time’s shown are based on Adelaide time (+9:30), add or subtract time based on your own time zone.

* What does B.I.N. mean?

Buy It Now – you pay the full asking price listed next to B.I.N. and win the auction immediately.

* How do I pay for my auction?

If you win an auction you will receive an email from Southern Cross Reptiles with payment instructions for making a direct deposit.

For those that would prefer it, you can also pay via Paypal or cheque (personal, bank or postal). Please contact us for further details, or if you any other questions about payment.

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