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To buy a reptile from us you must hold a license to keep reptiles in your State or Territory. Before animals can move interstate, we must receive the necessary Import and Export Permits. Licenses and Permits are available through National Parks and Wildlife in your State or Territory. For more detail about this, please find links to these organisations at the bottom of our Home Page.

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Pygmy Goanna
Breeding Cages

A set of four large glass tanks we had built especially to breed a wide range of pygmy goannas. Each cage comes with two removable pegboard lids fitted with ventillation slits and a single screw-in spotlight fitting. Each cage is also fitted with two hinged perspex doors to provide alternative entry points front and back to the cages. The bottom cages sit on a wooden trolley to increase accessability.
These cages and stand cost us over $2000 to build. We are retiring and so they are now for sale.
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2 YO & Yearling Gammon Ranges Carpets

A selection of Yearling and 2 Year Old Gammon Ranges Pythons. The 2 y.o. animals are of breeding size and have been prepared for this coming season.  Still quite rare in captivity, these carpets are found in the Northern Flinders Ranges in S.A. and are now thought to be more closely related to the south-western carpets (M. spilota imbricata) than the inland carpets(M. spilota metcalfei). 
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2 Year Old and Yearling Bredli

A selection of very attractive Yearling and 2 Year Old Centralian pythons, including classics and red classics.  The 2 y.o. animals are of breeding size and have been prepared for this coming season.  Also available are a pair of Yearling Hypo Bredli for $440 each.

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$150 each

Male & Females Available

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