(Aspidites ramsayi)

Black-Headed Pythons
(Aspidites melanocephalus)
Centralian Pythons
(Morelia bredli)

Darwin Carpet Pythons
(Morelia spilota variegata)

Jungle Carpet Pythons (Black & Gold)
(Morelia spilota cheynei)
Inland Carpet Pythons
(Morelia spilota metcalfei)
Gammon Ranges Carpet Python
(Morelia spilota ???)
Olive Pythons
(Liasis olivaceus)
Diamond Pythons
(Morelia spilota spilota)


Children's Python Group
(Antaresia childreni, stimsoni & maculosus)

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The Snakes photo gallery is a collection of pictures showing the python species and colour forms we are now producing after many years of careful selective breeding. When you put your pointer on the photograph of a species that interests you and left click it, a set of photos for that species will appear. Left click any of these to enlarge your chosen picture. Thank you for stopping to investigate our web site. We hope you enjoy this tour through our collection.

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