Albino Yearlings

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Blondie is an albino Darwin Carpet python and a description of her history and albinism can be seen on the web page "The Blondie Story".

The snakes shown above are some of the first albino yearlings we have bred. These F2 offspring resulted from crossing F1 heterozygous siblings. They were about 13 months old when these photos were taken on New Year's Day 2005.

It is very difficult to do justice to the amazing colours of these young albinos in a photograph. We took these photographs outside on coloured paper on a bright but overcast day. Three different snakes are shown here in each of the three columns. As can be seen by left-clicking on these pictures and enlarging them, the complexity and variety of colours that is becoming apparent is quite amazing.

These colours did not start to appear until the snakes were about 9 months old. We have also taken pictures of some of the F2's at 20 months of age and you will see that the colours are still evolving ... click here.

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