Blondie Ovulating

Blondie's Eggs

F1 Female Ovulating

F1 Female with F2 Eggs

The First Albino Hatching

Albino & Wild Type F2 Hatchlings

F2's Hatching

Albino Neonates after 1st Shed

Albino Neonate after 1st Shed

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Albino F2 Young at 4 Months

Blondie is an albino Darwin Carpet python and a description of her history and albinism can be seen on the web page "The Blondie Story".

The photographs above show our progress with the albino breeding program. It starts with Blondie ovulating, then her first filial generation (F1) eggs, an F1 female (grown from one of these eggs) wrapped around her own fresh clutch of F2 eggs and finally through to a couple of the young albino F2's from these eggs. As you can see from the photo of the two four month old F2's, there is quite a significant difference in the markings between individuals at this stage.

As the project advances, we will keep these pictures up-to-date for those of you that are interested to see how these attractive and unusual colour morphs turn out. If you wish to see what the yealing albinos look like now - click here.

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